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The storytelling philosophy

If we want donors to give more, we must first give them more. Developing robust and meaningful relationships with donors naturally gives rise to increased donor retention and giving levels over time. As fundraisers, it can be really easy to develop “asking tunnel vision.” But at the end of the day, we are asking other people to part with their hard-earned money. So we must treat them like people, not just a number in the database. By taking an empathic approach to donor relations and creating communications that donors want to hear/read/watch, you lay the foundation for fruitful philanthropic relationships with your donors.


What we do

Donors want to hear about the impact their gift has had, not just what your non-profit does. By focusing on the impact, you’ll be able to connect with donors’ hearts and minds.

It is our goal is to help fundraisers and non-profit organizations transition their approach to fundraising and donor relations to be one that focuses on inspiring donors.

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